The Overflow’ is a 40 page print and online magazine directed towards graphic artistes, signage and plaque creators, IT companies, Computer Training and Certification centres, PC shops and the average geek. It was officially released by Pishon in February 2012 to mark our 5th anniversary. It wasn't meant to be a monthly or yearly thing... we just wanted to do something different. So...among the things we are doing to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we are releasing the The Overflow V2!

The 2017 Edition of The Overflow V2 promises to be amazing. It is not a yearly or monthly magazaine, it's just a resource magazine. You'll love it! The previous edition showcased ads from diferrent companies all around Abuja. If you'd like to be featured in V2, get in touch!

And you can now have a full copy of the first edition when you sign up for our newsletter!

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